What can you do about fibroids?

A teacher of mine once said that whatever our body makes, it can un-make. If true, this is encouraging for women suffering with fibroids, benign growths of fibrous tissue growing in or near the uterus that are usually harmless but can sometimes become large and very bothersome. And there are a lot of us, I had them too at one point …

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4 reasons why you can’t keep the weight off

There are lots of one-size-fits-all do-it-yourself ways to drop that excess weight quickly: paleo, keto, low-carb, etc.. Then there are other more expensive regimes that involve purchasing powders, patches or prepared meals that are sent to your house. Some claim these programs hold the “secret formula” to sustained weight loss.

But there are others who have tried many programs over the years and have found that all that weight lost at such great effort (and expense) is gained back not long after the powders, patches or meals are stopped or the program finishes…

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