What They Say About Me

“I highly recommend that you take advantage of Anna's offer of a free 15 minute consultation. I did and was highly impressed with her knowledge and holistic approach to health and treatment. She told me that "our bodies are designed to heal themselves" and that's what Hippocrates said a long long time ago. She also surprised me when she told me that she's not trying to accumulate permanent clients...quite the opposite, she's trying to help you resolve your issues and become healthy...and eliminate the need to see her on an ongoing basis! I wish more doctors took this approach!”

– T.K.


“Anna’s ongoing support and knowledge in homeopathy has changed my daughter's life! It makes sense that our bodies should be able to heal themselves and I am a fairly new, although now, firm believer in Homeopathy.”

– A.F.


"Anna is a courageous practitioner, taking on tough cases. Her academic training has stood her in great stead. She is professional, thorough and is an original thinker who does the back-up work."

- Dr. Todd Rowe MD MD(H)